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The principles of good management are vital to the future of our forests. Proper management can keep our forests safe, healthy and productive. You can help by supporting sound forest management policies.


Home Protection - Support policies requiring at least 100-foot clearances of brush and other flammable material around homes in the rural/urban interface.


Community Protection - Support policies that require wooded communities to clear perimeters, create buffer zones and increase fuel breaks within a half-mile around communities at risk.


Forest Protection - Support policies that promote health and fire resiliency in our private and public forests, including brush removal, thinning and harvest practices that encourage healthy trees.


Reforestation - Support policies that create incentives for replanting and restoration of forests. Reforestation, particularly after a fire, is a vital way to clean our air and store CO2 while providing time to transition to a clean energy economy.


Aggressive Initial Attack Response - Support adequate fire suppression/readiness funding and fire response policies in managed forests to help limit the number, size, cost and detrimental environmental effects of large fires.


Under appropriate conditions - Support the continued use of fire in a prescribed plan to reduce fuels and maintain forests in a fire-safe condition. While prescribed burning results in some emissions, they substantially reduce the risk of large-scale emissions associated with uncharacteristic megafires.


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Forest-related industries - a key to climate-change solutions.


Modern forest management policies make a difference. They cut greenhouse gases, create more oxygen and…

  • Restore unhealthy forests.
  • Regenerate habitat.
  • Create climate-friendly products.
  • Provide a bio-energy alternative.