Federal Forests Today: A Global Warming Contributor

Today’s unmanaged forest is an unhealthy forest, susceptible to insect infestation and catastrophic mega fires, which significantly contribute to global warming by releasing huge amounts of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases into the air.


Decades of inaction and inattention have put our dense, unhealthy federal forests in danger of modern catastrophic wildfires. Forest fires contribute more to carbon levels in the atmosphere than any other cause. Approximately 25 percent of greenhouse gas emissions from a forest fire occur during combustion; the other 75 percent is emitted as CO2 from forest decay after a fire.


 Read the Wild Fire Fact Sheet California


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Forest-related industries - a key to climate-change solutions.


Modern forest management policies make a difference. They cut greenhouse gases, create more oxygen and…

  • Restore unhealthy forests.
  • Regenerate habitat.
  • Create climate-friendly products.
  • Provide a bio-energy alternative.