Seattle Post-Intelligencer
November 27, 2008


Western governors press Obama on energy
The Associated Press


Pacific Northwest—The governors of the nation's largest energy-producing states are encouraging President-elect Barack Obama to quickly adopt a national energy policy that will reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Read full article



The Olympian
November 16, 2008


Climate change already felt in south sound
By John Dodge


Washington—The natural features that make Washington uniquely beautiful also make the state especially vulnerable to climate change. Read full article



Beaverton Valley Times
October 27, 2008


Governor’s legislative package takes aim at climate change
By Kevin Harden


Oregon—Saying climate change was “the most important environmental and economic issue of our time,” Gov. Ted Kulongoski unveiled Monday morning an ambitious legislative package to combat global warming and boost the state’s economy through new “green” industries. Read full article



Seattle Post-Intelligencer
October 13, 2008


Meltdown may delay climate change action
By Zachary Coile
San Francisco Chronicle


Pacific Northwest—The financial crisis and a deepening economic downturn are threatening to delay efforts to deal with another pressing global crisis: climate change. Read full article



Seattle Post-Intelligencer
September 23, 2008


Western states’ plan aims to cut greenhouse gas
By Lisa Stiffler


Pacific Northwest—A coalition of Western states and four Canadian provinces released on Tuesday the most far-reaching plan yet for cutting emissions of the greenhouse gases that are warming the globe. Read full article



Seattle Post-Intelligencer
September 2, 2008


Global warming: Western U.S. feels the heat
By Joel Connelly


Washington—High-elevation white bark pines, which have endured droughts and lightning and insect attacks in life spans as long as 1,000 years, are being killed by a tiny beetle whose numbers were once limited by a bitter winter climate. Read full article



The Press Enterprise
August 27, 2008


Inland national forests halt projects to offset big bills from fighting wildfires
By Richard Brooks


California—Big fires have burned big holes in the U.S. Forest Service budget again this year, forcing both Inland national forests to slash nearly $6 million in nonessential expenditures, ranging from road repairs to campground toilet replacements. Read full article



Seattle Post-Intelligencer
July 23, 2008


Group proposes climate-saving strategy
By Lisa Stiffler


Pacific Northwest—Tired of a lack of leadership at the national level, Western leaders are taking charge on curbing climate change by proposing a plan for cutting greenhouse gas emissions. Read full article



July 21, 2008


Lightning Strikes: Get Used to Catastrophic Wildfires and Worse
By Scott Thill


In California there were 8,000 lightning strikes in one event, and that was months before fire season. There is more of that in store across the West. Read full article



San Francisco Chronicle
July 21, 2008


Warming West is ground zero for wildfires
By Jane Kay


California has been hit by 2,000 fires this year, and climate scientists are predicting that the situation will worsen as temperatures rise. Read full article



The Washington Times

March 23, 2008

Wildfire warming effects
By Thomas M. Bonnicksen



While California's actions to reduce global warming are significant, reducing the number and severity of wildfires may be the single most important short-term action we can take to lower greenhouse gas emissions and really fight global warming. Read full article



San Diego Union-Tribune
March 17, 2008


Letting nature clear the air
California is reshaping forest management strategies in the campaign to reduce gas emissions

By Michael Gardner


Trees absorb carbon dioxide from the Earth's atmosphere, where the presence of too much of the greenhouse gas is being blamed for the escalating threat of global warming. The 17 million acres of timberland in California are becoming part of the solution. Read full article



San Francisco Chronicle
Open Forum
January 17, 2008


Buy local applies to forests, too
By Keith Gilless


Choosing California grown wood can help remove greenhouse gases from our air, encourage the planting of more trees and keep our forests healthy for generations. It will also keep the impact of our consumption close to home. Read full article



Fresno Bee

Valley Voices
January 5, 2008


How wood products cool the planet

By Darcy Brown


Trees absorb carbon dioxide, store the carbon in wood fibers and release oxygen. Choose California grown wood, the local tool for fighting global warming. Read full article



Forest-related industries - a key to climate-change solutions.


Modern forest management policies make a difference. They cut greenhouse gases, create more oxygen and…

  • Restore unhealthy forests.
  • Regenerate habitat.
  • Create climate-friendly products.
  • Provide a bio-energy alternative.