About Us

Forests for the Next Century is a nonprofit coalition made up of industry stakeholders, aligned around the common objective of restoring the health and habitat of all North America’s forests.


Through a bi-national educational outreach program, FFNC uses third-party scientific analysis to recognize contributions of healthy private forests and to illustrate how current forest management policies on public lands are threatening the environment on a mass scale. With proper policy, modern forest management practices across all ownerships in North America can provide an important solution in helping to address climate change.


If today’s federal forest policies supported replanting of more forests, maintenance of healthy forests, increased use of long-lived wood products and increased use of biofuels for energy, North America’s forests would benefit society by offering:


  • Large reductions in the presence CO2 in the atmosphere
  • A climate-friendly, renewable resource of wood products
  • Greater protection against the threat of uncontrollable, catastrophic wildfires
  • A sensible bio-energy alternative to fossil fuels that supports U.S. energy independence


If you have a comment or question, please email us at: info@rethinkforests.com


Forest-related industries - a key to climate-change solutions.


Modern forest management policies make a difference. They cut greenhouse gases, create more oxygen and…

  • Restore unhealthy forests.
  • Regenerate habitat.
  • Create climate-friendly products.
  • Provide a bio-energy alternative.