Working forests are essential in protecting our environment - actively managing them upfront is far more cost effective than fighting wildfires, results in healthy forests that are better for recreation and wildlife, and will significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions that pollute the environment and affect climate change.


Tackle Climate Change


Rethinking Forests: The Fight Against Global Warming


Pacific Northwest Perspectives


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Informational Video

Forests Can Be A Global Warming Solution


Wild Fires

Wildfires are a major contributor of greenhouse gas.


Wood Naturally

Wood products are nature's products


The Opportunity

Forests can be an ally in the fight against global warming.


Managed Forests

Managed forests are healthy forests and better at cleaning the air.



Forest-related industries - a key to climate-change solutions.


Modern forest management policies make a difference. They cut greenhouse gases, create more oxygen and…

  • Restore unhealthy forests.
  • Regenerate habitat.
  • Create climate-friendly products.
  • Provide a bio-energy alternative.